We want to provide a platform for art lovers to showcase their talents and show their love for dance and music during the competition and we hope that this festival can aspire them to be better artists. In addition, participants will learn from renowned trainers during our workshops, get to meet like-minded art lovers from other parts of the world, their musicianship is built up by interacting with other participants of all ages and developing communication skills.


Our mission and vision is to bring together emerging and established performers on the same platform to promote peace and unity. One of a kind encounter between participants from diverse backgrounds focusing on art and music for the betterment of the society.


Our vision ultimately is to attain peace and unity through mutual understanding of each other love for the arts. Let music be the connection between the differences and generate the love of Art.


The iconic logo is simple with three colours; it depicts a dancer striking a pose within the musical note in the minim beat. The blue color represents peace and unity for global friendship, red color associates with energy and passion while the yellow color stands for dignity and intelligence.

logo designed by Stanley Chin

Festival Competition

Performing Arts Competition creates a big opportunity for talents to showcase their talents in all genres. Participants formally challenge other competitors from other countries which actually means compete yourself and get out of personal safe zone. With Asia Pacific Arts Festival, it focuses on supporting participants long-term assistance to enjoy and learn contemporary and modern arts as well around ASEAN.


Festival Championship Award
Festival Champion
1st Runner Up
2nd Runner Up
(Top 5 ranking will be asking to perform again in the finale concert and only 3 will be selected for the Festival Championship Award by all the juries)
Competition Award
Distinction Gold


Music & Dance Workshop is taken place throughout the event day with unlimited participation. Under the guidance of qualified adjudicators with a great reputation in ASEAN, participants will get valuable lesson with various topics of instrument, technique, rhythm, style of performance, art inspiration, song writing, so on. Following that, participants is encouraged to pursue their passions, think out of the box and lead with confidence, humility to transform the world through the power of music and the performing arts.

Team Building

Besides fun activity of arts competition, workshop, cultural exchange, team building assists bringing people together by encouraging collaboration and teamwork. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. Through a series of planned team building events that are fun and motivational, teams build skills like communication Team building ideas that work help facilitate long term team building through fostering genuine connections, deeper discussions and processing.

Cultural Exchange

Attracted more than 13 countries around, the main feature of cultural exchange is to promote mutual respect and understanding for other cultures while strengthening relations by performing characteristic arts of each country and gift exchange. Hence, participants will raise awareness of the importance of music, national pride and respect with other countries.

City Tour

With City Tour, you will discover the cities from a new perspective. The tour will allow you to have an overview, which includes the most emblematic places. Annually held in different cities and countries around ASEAN, Asia Pacific Arts Festival look forward to facilitating you to enjoy tourist attractions. The cities in the palm of your hand are already a reality.

Festival Director

Adrian Soo

Adrian joined Transinex Pte Ltd, a student-oriented travel agency, in 1999 and has played a pivotal role in its expansion into the Asian region. Through his numerous trips in ASEAN, he saw the need to provide a platform for art lovers to showcase their talents and show their love for dance and music during the competition.In addition, he wants participants to contribute to the festival by performing but also learn from renowned trainers during our workshops and get to meet like-minded art lovers from other parts of the world. His working philosophy is creating a better world of arts through the empowerment of the youths.

Artistic Director

Stanley Chin

Asia Pacific Arts Festival was created in 2013 and I have handled this project since 2016. Besides developing and enhance the quality of the festival, I am glad that I have a strong team who share the same vision to make the festival meaningful. My vision is to create another arts’ platform for arts lovers, amateur to professional artist  to showcase their talents and share among the different cultures. Participants are allowed to showcase their talents in any form of arts that is able to cultivate the next generation.

Member of Adjudicators


Next Festival

APAF Singapore

Music Festival

09-12 August, 2019

Singapore Conference Hall 

7, Shenton Way,

Singapore 068810


Dance Festival

16-19 August, 2019

Capitol Theatre

17 Stamfort Road



Coming Soon in 2020/21