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About Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF)

Asia Pacific Arts Festival 
Art Unites, World Ignites 

A Creative Journey Beyond Borders: The Story of APAF
Welcome to the Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF), a dynamic cultural extravaganza that transcends borders and celebrates the unifying force of art and creativity. Our journey began in 2016 when visionary founder Mr. Adrian Soo envisioned a platform that would foster mutual understanding, cooperation, and the advancement of the arts.

The Vision Unfolds: A Universal Language of Art
From its inception, APAF aimed to achieve global peace and unity by harnessing the universal language of the arts. Through music, dance, visual arts, and photography, APAF seeks to connect people, kindle a love for creativity, cultivate friendships, and promote world peace.

Leadership for a New Era: Mr. Stanley Chin
At the helm of APAF stands Mr. Stanley Chin, our esteemed Festival Director. In 2017, under his visionary leadership, APAF embarked on a transformative journey to restructure and elevate the festival experience. Mr. Stanley’s passion for the arts and commitment to our mission have propelled APAF to new heights, creating an even more enriching and impactful festival.

Distinctive Features: What Sets Us Apart
1. Recognition and Awards: APAF offers participants a stage to showcase their talents. Renowned adjudicators review performances and award distinctions such as Distinction Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies, along with certificates of participation. The top three winners in each category receive prestigious titles: Festival Championship, 1st Runner Up, and 2nd Runner Up.

2. International Friendship Exchange: Our festival is a melting pot of cultures, attracting participants from more than 13 countries. Through cultural exchange, we promote mutual respect and understanding, strengthening international relations by showcasing characteristic arts from each country and engaging in gift exchanges. This exchange raises awareness of the importance of music, national pride, and respect for other nations.

3. Team Building: Beyond the stage, we emphasize team building, fostering collaboration and teamwork among participants. Fun team-building exercises allow individuals to connect in new ways, building skills like communication and camaraderie.

4. Cultural Enrichment: APAF’s programs extend beyond competitions to encompass music and dance workshops led by qualified adjudicators with renowned reputations in ASEAN. These workshops empower participants to think creatively, pursue their passions, and make a positive impact on the world through the power of music and the performing arts.

5. City Tours: Our city tours offer a fresh perspective on the host cities, allowing participants to explore their unique attractions and cultural heritage, enhancing their overall festival experience.

A Trademark of Excellence: Registered Since 2020
APAF’s commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of our festival, including our logo. Designed by Mr. Stanley Chin, our Festival Director, our logo has been registered as a trademark since 2020, symbolizing our dedication to professionalism and innovation.

Join the Celebration of Art and Unity
Thanks to Mr. Adrian Soo’s visionary founding and Mr. Stanley Chin’s leadership and dedication, APAF has evolved into more than an event; it’s a vibrant celebration of creativity, diversity, and the profound impact of the arts on our world. Join us as we strive to promote unity, peace, and global friendship through the universal language of art.