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Asia Pacific Arts Festival

Art Unites, World Ignites


To become a global leader in promoting cross-cultural understanding, artistic collaboration, and creativity through the Asia Pacific Arts Festival, with the goal of enriching lives and building a more interconnected and harmonious global society.


Our mission is to realize our vision by annually hosting the Asia Pacific Arts Festival, which will attract participants and audiences from 20 countries, resulting in a minimum of $1 million in economic activity related to the arts industry. We aim to facilitate at least 10 international art projects each year and actively engage 10,000 individuals in cultural exchange activities, ultimately contributing to greater global unity and cultural enrichment.


At the heart of the Asia Pacific Arts Festival (APAF) lies a set of deeply ingrained core values that define who we are and guide our every endeavor. These values serve as the foundation upon which our organization is built, and they shape the unique character of our global artistic community.


We embrace and nurture artistic innovation and expression, fostering a culture of creativity that drives our organization and inspires our participants.


We celebrate diversity and inclusivity, welcoming artists and art lovers from all backgrounds, ages, and experiences to join our global community.


We believe in the power of the arts to bridge divides and promote unity. We prioritize collaboration, respect, and understanding among all participants.


We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our organization, from the quality of our workshops to the execution of our events.

Cultural Exchange

We value cross-cultural interactions and the exchange of ideas and experiences, recognizing the enrichment it brings to our participants’ lives.


We prioritize building a supportive and vibrant artistic community, where lasting connections and friendships are formed.